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What is a Honeymoon?


A honeymoon is the traditionally referenced holiday taken by newlyweds (or between two people in an early harmonious period in a relationship) to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.

Today, honeymoons are mostly celebrated somewhere exotic , special and romantic

Biblical reference to Honeymoon:

· Possibly the earliest reference to a honeymoon is in Deuteronomy 24:5 “When a man is newly wed, he need not go out on a military expedition, nor shall any public duty be imposed on him. He shall be exempt for one year for the sake of his family, to bring joy

A honeymoon can also be referred to as the first moments a newly-wed couple spend together, or the first holiday they spend together to celebrate their marriage. It is a special holiday that marks the basis of future planned family holidays and romantic  get –aways, it is therefore very important to get it right this first time!  (Get experts to help you plan and actualize your dream!)

How Costly is a Honeymoon?

A honeymoon need not be expensive, it all depends on the couple’s financial  resources at the time,  the no of days (time) they have free from work and , careful-expert planning.

We have honeymoon packages for low budget, medium and exorbitant budgets… different  budgets are considered  in our packages

Honeymoon Money Savers

· Plan ahead
· Consider a honeymoon registry
· Ask your friends  for a honeymoon shower  or   float the idea of honeymoon as a gift pledge to your friends, family and Wedding planning committee- you will be amazed at how many people would like to offer this special gift! (caution… guide them on the destinations you would be interested in. If they cannot afford to pay for the number of nights you require, offer to pay for the difference, let them offer what they can manage!)
· List honeymoon in your wedding gift list (and circulate it as early as possible) and Bushblazers as the honeymoon shop, then advise us of your preferred destinations/packages…. ..we will coordinate the rest for you.

How to plan a stress free honeymoon

· Think way in advance/ have a wish-list  of your dream honeymoon destinations… they could be several, we shall  employ our expertise to help you shortlist

· Involve your bride/groom to be… you need not disclose all details if its meant to  be a surprise but please get to understand their wish-list too, understand what excites them and what they’d never dream of doing on or for a honeymoon

· Have in mind a sketch budget, number of days you want to spend on a honeymoon

· Start planning well in advance … this helps as you can pay for the package in installments and relieve yourself from the last minute pressure… also ensures you get the best offers  and early booking discounts!

· Involve an expert honeymoon planner to provide all the information and offer expert advice, as well as save you from all logistical /booking to payment hazzles

How to make your honeymoon more romantic

Don’t take for granted that your trip will be romantic just because it’s your honeymoon. Do all you can to make it even more memorable and add to the romance before you go.  never forget that your honeymoon is the beginning of your new life together.

· Your honeymoon planner should do some groundwork e.g   tell everyone—the airline check-in counter, the front desk of the hotel, the bellboy, etc. that you are on your honeymoon. Chances are that you’ll be greeted with smiles and perks.   (Bushblazers ensures this is well known by the relevant parties)
· Tuck a small scented candle-in-a-can into the corner of your suitcase.
· Keep a honeymoon diary to record magic moments & all the special experiences everyday … this will be a treasure for years to come, when your memory cannot stretch far into distant past…..Leave room for photos and you’ll have a great honeymoon album to share with friends and family. Keep some digital photos if possible!
· Save small souvenirs for the album.
· Pack painkillers and emergency remedies 
· Slip in some music discs that you both love.
· Create more magic moments by planning one or two honeymoon days from morning to night.  Include things that will make memories to share (an elephant ride, a canopy trip, whale watching excursion, dinner for two at a table on the beach ,a parasailing adventure, deep sea diving, wine tasting expedition/vineyard visits,  etc.)
· Leave some free time to enjoy each other, and to enjoy your room, the view and the facilities in your hotel or resort. Couples who travel out of the country often tend to over schedule or do more shopping than resting and enjoying!.
· Make it a practice to share a dream as the sun sets on every honeymoon day