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Merely mention an Egypt Holiday and it conjures images of the exotic and intriguing. This timeless land is steeped in history and romance, it speaks directly to the hearts of many a couple.

To see this awe inspiring country at its best make your honeymoon a Nile cruise. From he decks of a floating palace surrounded by every luxury you can truly appreciate the wonders of this mysterious land. For all of time the Nile has been the life blood of Egypt, on its banks Pharaohs built temples to gods and palaces for their wives. Romance flows in the very water, and as you drift along under the star studded sky you’ll feel that romance in the air.

Experience real adventure by taking a desert trek on camels. Fully guided treks to the Bahariya Oasis are a fabulous way to immerse yourselves in another world .by day you’ll be inspired by the amazing landscape and surprised by the wildlife that served as the faces for the ancient Egyptian gods. When dusk falls take your meal at a Bedouin campfire and listen to songs and stories as the moon rises over the desert. Time moves to a different rhythm and the memories planted here will bloom and bring joy for the rest of your lives.

Perhaps no honeymoon to Egypt would be complete without a visit to the Valley of the Kings. Stand together, embraced in the past, present and future love dose and marvel at the greatness of the pyramids and wonder at the mysterious Sphinx. Egypt has so much to offer for a dream honeymoon we’d suggest you contact the Bushblazers Honeymoon Shop experts, we will make sure that your dream honeymoon is realized.

1 The Nile Explorer/Nile Bliss: 6 Nights/ 7 Days
2 Ultimate Egypt Honeymoon Package - 9 Nights/10Days
3 The Pearls of Egypt Honeymoon Package - 7 Nights /8 Days
4 5 nights Egypt Honeymoon Package
5 Utimate Egypt Honeymoon Package - 10 days
6 Egypt - Israel Honeymoon Holiday - 10 Days