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Bushblazers values the customers who interact with us during their honeymoon planning. Ours is not a 'onetime show' , we walk with our customers before, during and after the honeymoon. To affirm this , we hold a Pre Valentine 'Asante ' Dinner every February during which we get to meet all the honeymooners for the previous year and just let them feel special and appreciated. We have a special relationship with our honeymooners as we get to plan the most sensitive and personal item on the wedding list of important tasks, we are aware of and we always want to let these couples know we were glad to be part of this exciting journey. Since we deliver our promises, we are not afraid to face them again and hear what they have to say…….it's always an awesome experience for us!
Ted &Joy Njoru
Ted &Joy Njoru : November 2009

Village, South Coast, 6 nights
: November 2011
Lukenya Get away Resort

We are very grateful for knowing Bushblazers who
organized our 6 days unforgettable honeymoon at pinewood
Resort, South coast in 2010.We really enjoyed a stress-free
organized honeymoon- everyone should make a point of
going to Pinewood, it was fantastic! Because of our
satisfaction with Bushblazers services we engaged them
again this year , November 2010, in organizing our 1st
wedding anniversary get away – we did not want to go far
and Bushblazers helped us identify a get away resort close
to the City, Lukenya. We thoroughly enjoyed, Thanks to
Bushblazers! We would recommend any couple wedding to
engage Bushblazers in their Honeymoon planning &
booking, and will definitely be using Bushblazers services to
book our future
Mr and Mrs. Timothy Muriuki
Mr and Mrs. Timothy Muriuki

Honeymoon Date: : May 2010
Destination: Seychelles : 6 Nights

We got to know Bushblazers through Samantha Bridal
fair in February last year – talking to
them we felt they knew what they were selling and we
decided to engage them.
We enjoyed every bit of the planning period as
Bushblazers made it easy for us: even with Timothy
working out of Nairobi, they kept us updated and helped
us make important decisions. We enjoyed the Jipange
Mapema booking plan and have no regrets for having
booked through Bushblazers.
The experience in Seychelles was super fantastic- we will
for sure use Bushblazers services in our future holiday
planning an would recommend anyone wishing to have a
stress- free ,Romantic and memorable honeymoon to
book through Bushblazers
Mr & Mrs Jacob Aliet
Mr & Mrs Jacob Aliet

Honeymoon Date: February 2010
Destination: Watamu 7 Nights

We had a fantastic time, Bushblazers organized our travel,
transfers and accommodation very well, we had no hassles
and we would book all our holidays through Busbhlazers
over and over again. We are happy that you have a forum
through which we can meet again, share our sentiments
and even meet other couples and hear their experiences
our baby was well taken care of and we had fun.
Truly, Bushblazers go out of their way to understand their
client's special needs. We will be taking our future holidays
with Bushblazers and have no reservations in
recommending everyone we know to use their services! We
are already their face book fans!
Mr & Mrs anthony Muchiri
Mr & Mrs Anthony Muchiri

Honeymoon Date: : June 2010
Destination: Mauritius and Seychelles, 10 Days

We got to know Bushblazers during 2010 Samantha exhibition.
We had smooth communication and felt well attended to during
the honeymoon planning period. We chose a two –country
honeymoon package, 5 nights Mauritius and 5 nights Seychelleswould
have been otherwise complicated but amazingly all coordinated and organized, we truly enjoyed ourselves.The service providers in both destinations were veryprofessional and went out of their way to ensure we got the very best- We have no regrets!
We are currently recommending our friends to Bushblazers
and are also enjoying business references from them, it has
become more than just a honeymoon shop for us!
Mr and Mrs David Sajabi
Mr and Mrs David Sajabi

Honeymoon Date: December 2010
Destinations: Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge 4 Nights, Sultan
Sands –Zanzibar, 5 Nights

I, David, got to know Bushblazers through the Samantha's
bridal exhibition in February last year, was impressed by
their knowledge of the packages and made an immediate
decision to engage them. I embraced the Jipange Mapema
booking plan as I like planning early and interacted with
Bushblazers for over 10 months-I was very happy with the
service I got.
Anne…..I was very impressed by the warmth and
professionalism portrayed by Bushblazers staff, and
what's more, they held the destination secret and helped
David surprise me!!
We had a great time, got to stay in superior rooms with own
swimming pool and Jacuzzi- we were thoroughly spoilt! We
have since recommended our family and friends to
Bushblazers services and will definitely be engaging them
in organizing all our future travel and holidays!
Felix & Susan Amu
Felix & Susan Amu
Xmas Holiday 2010, business travel and conference services.
(From 2007 - current)

We met Bushblazers through a business contact, they are the
travel and conference organizers of Susan's former employer, and
we are very happy with their service…; Felix'
Susan... through the expertise portrayed on the official travel and
conferencing work , I did not think twice last year December, when
I wanted a holiday organized for my family. I visited Bushblazers
and was adequately advised on the best holiday destination with
child friendly facilities. The detail & personal touch employed in
booking our holiday and in ensuring our comfort while at the hotel
was amazing…. I have already booked our Easter and Xmas
holidays for 2011 with Bushblazers and I am enjoying the Jipange
Mapema Family holiday booking advantage plan… I have no
regrets and would confidently recommend, Bushblazers to anyone
looking forward to stress- free a holiday, travel and conference
services. More holidays with Bushblazers? Definitely. YES.
Lilian Matee
Lilian Matee
Honeymoon Date: September, 2010
Destination: Turtlebay Beach Resort, Watamu , 7 nights

We got to know Bushblazers through a friend who had
engaged them to plan her honeymoon in 2008, & was full of
praises for the Honeymoon shop, so we decided to try
Bushblazers and were amazed by all that they had to offer,
right from the warm reception, the skilled team who took
through all the packages and responded promptly and
adequately to our queries/inquiries, we had a seamless
and hassle-free planning and the most amazing
honeymoon destination and experience at Turtle Bay
Watamu- This was a spectacular and extremely good
choice of a destination recommended by Bushblazers-

We had the most fabulous honeymoon with a dinner organized
by the sea-side just for the two of us, what with the
pampering and the beautiful clean beach! We had the best, everything went on smooth and were extremely
impressed-we would recommend Bushblazers to anyone
planning their honeymoon or holiday and will definitely be
using their services for all our holiday bookings.

We thereafter booked our xmas holiday through Bushblazers!

Florence Machio-Aketch
Florence Machio-Aketch
Honeymoon : October 2008, Zanzibar, 7 days
Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday
Get -aways, - Quartely family getaways
over the last 2 yearsvisited
various resorts in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Naivasha, Mombasa, Arusha, South Africa etc.
I have known and bought air tickets from Bushblazers over the last 6 years…They are simply amazing. They are my official travel and conference organizers and can confidently say that they go out of their way…. I never have to get stressed when I need anything done, I just make one call and Bushblazers sorts me out, whether in conferencing or with my complicated travel as I consult for various international organizations, even with my unpredictable travel schedules! Seeing their strength and commitment, I engaged Bushblazers in organizing my honeymoon in October 2008 and I can tel you it was a wonderful experience …we were thoroughly spoilt! Since then my husband and I have done various romantic get-aways, Birthday get-aways and our wedding anniversaries through Bushblazers, even with our little baby they are able to recommend child friendly resorts and prepare the resorts to receive us and make us comfortable. I have recommended many business contacts to Bushblazers and will continue to do so- If I had to do it all over again, I would go to Bushblazers!

Mr & Mrs John Mungai
Mr & Mrs John Mungai
Honeymoon Date: September, 2010
Destination: Mombasa & Watamu: 8 Nights
Xmas holiday: Lake Naivasha

We went for our combined destination honeymoon to
Mombasa Whitesands Resort then to Watamu –It was
awesome!!! Bushblazers did a fantastic job to ensure a
smooth and well coordinated transport to all the venues, we
were received in the hotels courtesy of Busblazers advance
briefing of the service providers.

We truly appreciate what they did for us – and Watamu was the best recommendation they made to us- We are glad we did it this way!

We were impressed that Bushblazers made efforts to find out
if we were happy while we were on honeymoon and even
met us at the airport on our arrival!

We went ahead and booked our Xmas holiday with
Bushblazers right after our honeymoon, enjoyed the Jipange
Mapema booking plan and will no doubt be booking our
future holiday with them, we recommend them to any couple
planning for a honeymoon or family holiday!
Anne & Peter Njenga
Anne & Peter Njenga
Honeymoon Date: September 2010
Destination: The Hilton Double Tree, Zanzibar , 10
Xmas Holiday :The Great Rift Valley Lodge, December 2010

We had the most fantastic honeymoon organized
by Bushblazers last year in Zanzibar. Right from the
inquiry stage, we got very good attention and were
handled very professionally by the skillful,
knowledgeable and responsive team.
We were picked on time for our airport transfers,
kept updated and everything went smoothly, in
Zanzibar, the hotel staff were expecting us and happy to
have us there, courtesy of Bushblazers' planning, even
with our flight having been delayed, the drivers at the
destination were informed by Bushblazers and we found
them waiting for us. We had a fantastic, stress-free honeymoon and would do it over and over again with Bushblazers! We later booked our Xmas holiday with Bushblazers, this experience was more like a second honeymoon! We look forward to doing more holidays with them- we were happy with their service
Lorna: Prospective Client

I have heard a lot about Bushblazers and I
am looking forward to using their services to
book my travel
Carol Muiruri
Carol Muiruri:
A Certified Event & Wedding Planner:

I met Bushblazers through the Samantha Bridal Fair at Sarit Center 2 years ago and was impressed by the attention and warmth accorded to me during my visit to the Bushblazers stand even after revealing to them that I was not a prospective
honeymooner. Their professionalism, warmth and simplicity struck me. Since then we have done business together, I have referred
clients to them and they have never let me down- I will refer any of my clients with confidence!
Violet & John
Violet & John –October 2010
Destination: Mombasa Whitesands Resort (North Coast), Kisite Island & The Diani Reef Grand Resort: 10 days 'around the coast experience’

We met Bushblazers through the Launch of the wedding show.
We had a first-class experience with Bushblazers- from the onset
we got clearly understood and were given full attention! We had a
fabulous honeymoon - Stress Free! Right from our nuptial night
residence we were picked by Bushblazers (woken up on time too,
so as not to miss our flight!) dropped to the airport and the
reception in Mombasa was awesome…. Every resort we were
booked into we were expected , addressed by name and
awesomely surprised all the way! We had a combination of
destinations and Bushblazers organized all the transfers
smoothly… it’s not always that a service provider calls you to find
out if you arrived safely and if you have been picked on time, or if
you have any problem! We had a fantastic time and are already
recommending everyone we know to Bushblazers! We shall
definitely book all our family and romantic holidays with
Bushblazers… We now request Bushblazers to open a face book
fan page so that all these happy couples can get to share their
Mr. & Mrs Charles Kung'u
Mr. & Mrs Charles Kung'u
Took a Romantic Holiday- November 2010
Destination: The Great Rift Valley

We got to know Bushblazers through a business forum where
people were giving interesting testimonies of fantastic
experiences on Bushblazers’ holiday planning expertise, so we
decided to try them.

We had our 3 months baby to take with us and Bushblazers did a
remarkable job in finding us a baby-friendly venue, organizing for
the baby's as well as our comfort.

We had a fantastic experience, our baby was well taken care of and we had fun. Truly, Bushblazers go out of their way to understand their client's special needs.

We will be taking our future holidays with Bushblazers and have no reservations in recommending everyone we know to use their services!

We are already their face book fans!

Mr & Mrs Bernard Ombui

Mr & Mrs Bernard Ombui- All the way from Meru!!!
Honeymoon Date: January 2011
Destination: Egypt, 10 Days

We got to know of Bushblazers through a radio advert and decided to give them a try- we visited their website, were impressed and then made a physical visit to their office to establish if they were real – from the first visit we were well received ,professionally handled and we made our decision right there and then ,to engage their services. We can never forget the willingness of the Bushblazers team in attending to us so warmly & stretching their hours in order to meet us & update on progress. We took a honeymoon package to Egypt- Bushblazers did an amazing job in planning and even assisting us with our visas- we do not live in Nairobi & they kept us updated on every progress. In Egypt we had a fantastic time – all we can recommend to future couples going on honeymoon is to engage Bushblazers and to take not less than 14 days! There was so much to do and see. We were happy when Bushblazers contacted us while in Egypt to find out if we were fine, the team in Egypt was well briefed about us, knowledgeable, experienced, warm,- and they did their job extremely well –we will sure engage BBTT in all our future holiday and travel planning we are still enjoying fresh memories of the most well planned and value packed honeymoon! Most pleasantly surprising, we arrived back with the early morning flight, 6am, and guess what, we found Bushblazers waiting for us and to our amazement they had organized a breakfast voucher for us- what more could we ask for? The personal touch and detail was clearly evident at all stages-engaging Bushblazers was the best decision we made!