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Welcome to the Honeymoon Shop. We’re here to help you plan the most important holiday of your life. If you book your trip of a lifetime with us, you will be guaranteed our focused and unique understanding of your requirements. We only cover destinations our honeymoon experts can personally recommend in order to provide the best experience possible. We take great pride in finding the most romantic destinations, the most luxurious/Romantic hotels & Resorts, and customizing honeymoon itineraries to suit each and every couple in a unique manner… honeymoon is quite like the other… we are like a designer’s hand…shaping and punctuating every curve as though there was none other like it…. Treating each honeymoon package as though it were the first exciting itinerary we are creating…..the experience is awesome!

With over 5 years of experience and over 2000 Honeymoons successfully organized and actualized to-date, we have no doubt that we are the best honeymoon shop on Kenya today and that we have all the relevant expertise, experience and systems to handle your unique honeymoon requirements with ease.

Romantic rendezvous

Whisk your partner away for an unforgettable holiday. Our honeymoon holidays offer the perfect setting for your romantic getaway. You can choose from one of our carefully selected packages or contact our friendly consultants to tailor make a romantic escape just for you.

Honeymoon gift Wish List- Honeymiles!

Looking for a wedding gift list service that is a little different? Did you know that you could create a honeymoon destination wish list, circulate it to your friends and family, who could offer their wedding gift by way of paying for your dream honeymoon destination wholly or partially? We shall help you come up with the wish list and manage the pledges for you! Going on a dream honeymoon has never been easier!

Book your honeymoon with Bushblazers and take advantage of Honey miles – the unique wedding gift list service exclusive to each honeymooner. Offer your friends & family the opportunity to contribute to your holiday of a lifetime with a honeymoon destination as full or partial gift chosen especially for you & by you

The options are limited only by your imagination, from a romantic private safari dinner in Maasai Mara, a romantic get away in Hawaii to a scuba diving adventure in the Maldives; we will work with you to design the perfect honeymoon and gift list to create your ideal escape.

The Bushblazers Honeymoon Shop has custom -designed many honeymoon packages that have produced rich experiences for the honeymoon clientele for whom these packages were created. These tailor-made honeymoon packages include many unique features, carefully chosen hotels and provide the best value to make your honeymoon both memorable and affordable. It is our pleasure to bring these packages to you with the hope that you find one that which makes your honeymoon what you’ve always dreamt of a lifetime romantic experience

For a value filled Honeymoon, we recommend 5-14 Nights packages. We are flexible to tailor make should you not find your desired package amongst the offers here-in:


Are you looking for that unique and special honeymoon or wedding anniversary experience…..waking up to greet an elephant, a Giraffe, a lion, a Buffalo, a Hippo, a herd of antelopes…sitatungas….buffalos…Rhinos, or wildebeests , a pride of lions…., a swagger from Mama Elephant, A snort from Papa Buffalo….. a chill from the sneaky Leopard, or would you love to sniff through nature’s freshness from the snow-capped Mt. Kenya…cuddling together in the chill of the mountain fresh nature’s best love-nets or simply waking up to watch the beautifully sprawling lakes along the rift-valley?... Or….to waking up under the gorgeous shadow of the Magnificent Kilimanjaro, having lunch by the reflections of the springy water troughs at Lake Manyara as the waters whisper away……

Would you rather have breakfast as you look over the splendid Nile? Or to swim from noon to night in the soothing blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with a walk on the massaging sand in Mombasa/Malindi or Zanzibar, the romantic spice Island?

How about celebrating your post nuptials in the historical Lamu…..with the magnificent works of architecture, where History has a story for yesterday today and tomorrow…….

Would you rather venture further way to enjoy your post nuptial retreat in Egypt, Rome, Paris, the Romantic islands, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Cape Town or to a health retreat in the spas of Thailand?

A choice of any the above honeymoon destinations will make a perfect post nuptial retreat for you and your loved one!!

• Bushblazers Honeymoon shop offers stress -free opportunity to access these romantic, breath taking honeymoons and much more at a glance,
• Our Most popular Honeymoon Breath taking 5 to 14 nights Packages range from Kes 75,000 to 450,000/- per couple depending on the destination, season and duration of stay

With over 5 years experience in helping young couples identify, choose and plan for their dream honeymoons, we can confidently pride ourselves in our expertise in offering quality packages …we enjoy connecting you with your honeymoon dreams, providing value and convenience, unraveling moments of truth for every promise we make!!!!!

Our honeymooners' testimonies on the back page will give you more confidence and insights ……….


The lord instructs newly weds to take time off to please each other……..Honeymoon is part of obedience to this command….