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Bushblazers Event Coordination /Conference Logistical Support Services


Bushblazers offers conference Logistics services and Event Management-co-ordination services . Over the last 2 years we have handled complex, sensitive, high level as well as ordinary conference logistics in :

  1. Kenya (Mombasa , Kisumu, Naivasha,Mt. Kenya , Samburu, Nakuru, Mailindi)
  2. Tanzania (Dar es salaam & Arusha)
  3. Uganda:-( Kampala)
  4. Swaziland
  5. South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria , Capetown,)
  6. Mauritius

We have the capacity and the resources to handle conference logistics with ease, taking off the hassle of making bookings, pulling together the participants and logistical issues from our clients, according them more time to concentrate on their core activities.

One of our core competences is planning and organizing, from which we draw rewarding strength that enables us deliver value to our customers.

Our experience in this area is an asset and our strong network in the industry makes it an exciting segment of our business- we are passionate about organizing conferences and events that leave our clients happy, almost always exceeding their expectations of our delivery.

We have strong technological back up, a fully equipped office with high performance computers, telephones and all relevant communications equipment. We have a team of young professionals that are well trained, experiences and seasoned for event management and coordination.

We draw our strengths from a wide range of experience through our diverse customer base,

Our Strengths

  • Honest & personalized service
  • Experience & expertise
  • Good business practices /integrity
  • Competitive pricing & value-added service
  • Professionalism and excellence
  • Motivated , experienced and enthusiastic team of staff
  • Flexibility, customer focus & amicable customer relations
  • Customer involvement & keenness to detail –high scores of accuracy in translating customer requirements/needs
  • Strong local and international industry networks & partnerships that provide comfort to our customers wherever they travel to
  • Real-time response span; timeliness in responding to customer queries and requests
  • Accessibility- our customers can reach us through various communications media and on all days of the week including weekends
  • Reliable, sound, and up-to-date technology- reliable internet, telecommunication and IT support
  • We embrace, respect and appreciate diversity of preferences amongst our customers
  • Clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of the Travel Industry that enables us to offer the very best of options
  • We believe in delivering value , convenience, and most of all, we deliver our promises
  • We employ a continuous improvement model of management and service delivery
  • We believe that timeliness and accuracy in delivery of service is of essence to you and do strongly emphasize on these aspects in our service delivery.

Main components of conference organization & logistics:

The following is what we define as our role (may change from time to time depending on customer needs):

Description of Our Role Cost
  • Compiling guest/invitees list complete with their contacts, if/when required by client to do so
  • Delegate invitations & follow ups
Included in conference coordination cost
Where special means of communication other than email is required, client foots the cost of printing cards/postage
2. a) Providing information on cost, facilities available and convenience of different venues that would suit our clients needs to enable them make decisions related budgets, etc, (once venue is chosen by client we do negotiate for further discounts where possible)
b) Providing information on, and booking for the client suitable conference equipment /accessories;
Included in the conference coordination fees
3. Booking and remitting Air tickets via email, to the client and their invitees, providing travel requirements, visa information and assistance where required and where possible No extra cost if Air tickets are purchased from us
4. Booking accommodation- we have contract rates with most hotels in East Africa, status of which enable us negotiate for upgrades or discounts for our customers No Extra cost
5. Providing Airport transfers to the conference venue and back on the return date

Depends on venue/distance
Airport Transfers
We have : 33, 25 , 19 & 8 Seater buses as well as saloon cars. costs will vary

6. Booking/organizing for dinners & cocktails & providing transport to these venues

Booking for dinners is at no extra cost, client pays for the dinner at cost provided by the hotel.

Transport is costed in consideration of the distance to be covered/waiting time and size of vehicle

7. a) Providing transport to site /project evaluation meetings , shopping including shopping guides etc : Different sizes of buses and cars depending on the numbers being transported
b) Taxi services for use on guests’ request
Transport is costed in consideration to the distance to be covered/waiting time and size of vehicle
8. Re-confirming all the return journey tickets for guests Cost included in the event organizing fee, except where there are airline penalties/charges that are payable to the airline
9. Providing city and beyond tours to occupy guests during weekends/breaks, inclusive of tour-guides Depends on tour chosen, itineraries will be provided indicating costs of various tours

We position our conference coordinator and hostesses at the venue if client allows, to take all requests and provide general information including Where- to -find –what; in Nairobi

Included in conference coordination fee
11. Emailing thank you notes to guests if our client requires us to Included in conference coordination fee

Highlighs of our Role

We provide all the above logistics, customizing to the type of event, and in summary;

  • Providing all relevant info and recommendations on venues, venue visits
  • Linking up the client with invitees that make the event/product noticeable/impact on the public for which it is intended
  • Linking up the client with Publicity/PR expert for media coverage purposes, ensuring relevant media coverage if necessary
  • Pulling together different service providers including décor, sound systems, caterers etc to ensure the venue appeals as our client would wish & beyond
  • Organizing for site visits-making contact with the relevant parties the convener wants to visit, providing logistics such as transport , tour guiding, packed Lunch , mineral drinking water etc
  • Providing administrative back up and transport logistics


Most conference venues require upfront payment. This payment would ideally be made to Bushblazers in advance, for us to pay to the venue and be responsible for/answerable to all the invoicing /account reconciliation issues that may arise with the specific hotel/venue.

Our Fee

Our Conference coordination fees is usually, charged at 10% of the Total conference cost (total hotel accommodation cost +conference facility +any other conference activities pulled together by the coordinator)

We require our fees payment prior the conference to facilitate our playing our role adequately. Our clients outside the country are required to wire the required payments at least 30 days in advance of the conference/event. We issue electronic receipts for all transactions

Our Client List (Air travel, transport, Hotel bookings &Conference Logistics)

  • We have a diverse corporate client list ranging from Government parastatal institutions to private sector corporations , banks , NGOs and churches.
  • We also have International organizations based in South Africa, USA and Holland

Our attention to detail and commitment assures our clients a stress-free conference organization process!

Conference & Events organized by Bushbalzers

1. Population Reference Bureau: 2006-2010 (5 years)
Various Workshops and conferences on Reproductive health , In Kenya, Tanzania,
Uganda, Zanzibar- drawing participants fro Afria & USA (over 500 delegates )
2. Care International Somalia /South Sudan: 2007-2009 (3 Years) : Team building Events, End of year corporate events for - Over 100 participants- Nairobi
3. ANEW-WATERAID General Assembly in Maseru (Lesotho) October 2009- over
100 delegates from allover the world
4. National Aids Control: - Naivasha: June 2009-52 participants
5. Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSIUP) - Conference:

  • Nairobi November 2009- 50 participants
  • Mombasa: December 2009- 50 Participants

6. Water and Development(Maji Na Ufanisi ) –Naivasha, March 2010:
50 participants
7. ANEW/AFDB /AMCOW conferences: April 2010, Pretoria, South Africa : over
100 delegates
8. ANEW –GTF convention: May 2010: Mombasa-35 participants